Podcasts for Road Trips: 26 to Keep You Entertained

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The Best Road Trip Podcasts

Whilst a road trip by definition conjures images of fun and adventure, sometimes getting to your destination can be, well, a bit boring! So why not listen to a podcast? They come in all shapes and sizes, covering pretty much any topic you can think of, and there is something for everyone.

I have been laughing, gasping with shock and genuinely intrigued on my journey to find the best podcasts for your next road trips. From laugh out loud comedy to true crime and fiction podcasts, we’ve got you covered with the best podcasts for road trips out there! So buckle up, and enjoy listening, wherever you may be heading.

podcasts for road trips

Fancy A Laugh? Then These Comedy Podcasts Are For You

An image of a red book cover with the words "my Dad Wrote a Porno" inscribed in gold on the front.

This podcast had me laughing so hard I cried, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve listened to in a long time. Jamie Morton’s dad wrote a porno, and instead of being embarrassed, he decided to read it for everyone to hear. Each episode covers a chapter and with the help of his two friends, James Cooper & Alice Levine, it’s comedy gold.

An image showing 2 men and a woman sitting in cinema seats, behind them are the words How Did This Get Made?

Hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas, this weekly podcast is hilarious as it looks at movies that should never have been made. With the help of special guests, they spend each episode ripping apart a movie that should have ended up in the bin not, a movie screen!

An image showing a cream lined paper with childish drawings of flowers, men in hats etc.  The words written in cursive say Dear Joan & Jericha

Joan & Jericha are two fictional middle-aged agony aunts who disperse their very original brand of advice to their listeners. This fabulous dark comedy is equal parts shocking and hilarious. Warning – it’s pure filth and not for the easily offended, for everyone else it’s brilliantly funny.

This image shows 3 men sitting next to each other, outlined with a multicoloured halo, the background is black, with a peachthere is colour and with the words SMARTLESS written in black

Three famous guys interviewing a load of other famous people, what’s not to like! Each week one of the three hosts surprises the other two with a mystery guest. It’s funny and features some of the world’s most famous people, telling stories and just shooting the breeze.

A bright blue square with a light blue circle inside, it shows two coffins one lighter blue and one black with the words, Wooden Overcoats written over the top.

This delightful and funny fictional podcast follows Rudyard Funn and his sister Antigone who run a failing family funeral parlour in Piffling Vale. Full of colourful characters and laugh out loud moments it’s a very British comedy.

If You Love True Crime, Tune Into One of These Binge Worthy Podcasts

An image showing a black and white photo ripped in half, one side black and the other a woman's silhouette, with the words Escaping NXIVM emblazoned over the front.

NXIVM (pronounced NEXIUM) was ostensibly a self help community. In truth, it was a cult. This fascinating podcast takes a deep dive into the world of NXIVM, its founder Keith Raniere and Sarah Edmundson, who fought to get out and expose the truth. One of the best true crime podcasts around.

This image shows a girl's face made up of multiple squares with different people's faces, across the top in staggered yellow text is SWEET BOBBY

This is the story of Kirat, who meets Bobby on Facebook. They become friends over time, and eventually, it turns into a full blown love affair. Manipulation, lies and unbelievable deception follow in this story of crazy catfishing.

A black background with a half image of a women's face on the right side.  The words The Drop Out in cream are written on the left side.

This podcast has deception, romance, tragedy and of course everyone’s favourite, money! It is the story of Elizabeth Holmes, and Theranos, at one time the toast of Silicon Valley. Once heralded by Forbes as the youngest female self-made billionaire, Elizabeth was ambitious and, as it turns out, willing to do anything to succeed in her quest to revolutionise healthcare. How did she convince some of the world’s most intelligent men to sit on her board? How did her revolutionary technology put patients at risk? How did she lose it all?

A purple ombre background, with a close up of a woman's hand with red fingernails holding a bullet between her thumb & forefinger, it says the words Run Bambi, Run

Run Bambi Run goes back in history and takes a fresh look at the “most glamorous murder case of the 1980s”. Laurie Bembenek, a Milwaukee police officer and Playboy Club bunny, is arrested for the fatal murder of her husband’s ex-wife. Through the course of the trial she became a tabloid fixture and a feminist cause célèbre, and then after escaping prison, a folk hero. She insisted she was innocent but was never exonerated. It’s a gripping exploration that runs fast with the facts but is captivating nevertheless.

A cream background with a picture of a woman, depicted in red with the words The Missing Crypto Queen in blue over the top.

Dr Ruja Ignatova invented OneCoin, a new cryptocurrency. It was described as Bitcoin but bigger, better and easier to use. Over 3 million people joined the OneCoin revolution, Dr Ruja became rich and then she suddenly disappeared. Jamie Barlett presents the podcast and tells a crime story of greed, deceit and a cult like following.

There’s Nothing Like A Good Documentary To Keep Your Ears Glued!

An image of a broken mirror, with the words Fallen Angel The Victorias Secret Story in White with a neon pink feather in the middle.

Fallen Angel looks at the iconic lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. It investigates the past 40 years of this divisive company and what lay behind the glossy facade. Told by women with first hand knowledge, it looks at how the brand changed the way women thought about sex, desire and beauty.

A black image with a neon tiger face in multiple colours the word Wild Things in neon pink is over the top.

Siegfried and Roy performed over 30,000 shows in Las Vegas for more than 50 years, and they made insane amounts of money – over $1 billion dollars. They were part of 90’s pop culture, uber famous, and their shows were always sold out. This documentary looks at the private lives of the two performers, discovering secrets and shocking moments including their tragic final show.

A red background with parts of ripped newspaper pages surrounds the words The Sun King.

The Sun King is a fascinating look at the media mogul Rupert Murdoch as told by David Dimbleby. Dimbleby has followed Murdoch’s career for over five decades and tells the story of how he turned The Sun newspaper from a worthy if slightly boring broadsheet to the most popular tabloid in the UK. It also focuses on Murdoch’s spectacular fall from grace and how he has influenced politics in the UK and more recently the USA.

A black background with a photo of Silvio Berlusconi wearing green sunglasses, the words on the front say Bunga Bunga.

Bunga Bunga is an eight part series about the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The multi-millionaire real estate mogul was elected to office with no experience and ended up being one of Italy’s longest serving prime ministers. The comedian Whitney Cummings follows the story of his rise and epic fall.

An image of the Hollywood sign changed to read HEIDIWORLD, with a photo of Heidi Fleiss underneath and the words the Heidi Fleiss story.

Heidiworld tells the story of Heidi Fleiss, and how she became a powerful Hollywood Madam in the 1990’s. This is an intriguing and in-depth look at how Heidi went from a bohemian Californian girl to Hollywood madam and how it all came crashing down!

For Those Who Love To Travel …Need I Say More?

A blue square showing a map shaped as a tent with the words NOT LOST.

Brendan used to have a successful cultural podcast and also a relationship, when they both ended he decided to follow a new dream. Welcome to Not Lost, a wonderful travel podcast where Brendan goes to different places, with a different friend and is invited to a stranger’s house for dinner. Join them as they take us from Montreal to New York and Mexico City.

A picture of rocks and the ocean, with travel stamps and the words, Zero to Travel, Start with Anything go Anywhere.

This fantastic podcast talks about how to travel the world, forever if you wish, on your terms and within your budget. Jason Moore chats with adventurous people living on the road and covers topics ranging from starting and running a business from anywhere, to surprising ways to earn free travel. Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter or a travel rookie, there’s something here for everyone.

A black square with a white boot print and the words ACTIVE TRAVEL ADVENTURES

If you’re a traveller who loves to hike, bike or paddle then this podcast is for you. Kit Parks hosts and each episode focuses on a different adventure. Do you fancy island hopping by bike and boat in Croatia? Or hiking the Camino de Santiago? Both of these adventures are covered along with many more, so listen up and be inspired.

A orange heart icon with a plane going through the middle and the words AMATEUR TRAVELER.

Amateur Traveler is a location based podcast, and each week focuses on a different place. It covers destinations all over the world, and takes in road trips, national parks, adventure travel and far-flung places. Infomation about culturally rich travel is shared with passion.

An image of mountains with the words Unfolding Maps

This podcast travels the unbeaten path. Unfolding Maps talks to adventurers about their expeditions and the experiences that shaped them. Host, Erik Lorenz has conversations with globetrotters, who are best-selling writers, award-winning photographers, and critically-acclaimed filmmakers, who share their travel tales – a perfect podcast for the open road.

The Best of The Rest

A red square with photos of Colleen Rooney & Rebekah Vardy, with the words It's Wagatha Christie.

A guilty pleasure to be sure. This podcast follows the high court case between Collen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, the so-called Wagatha Christie trial. A delicious tale of wag gossip with the added bonus that the case will have no impact on the world at large. It has 18 highly entertaining episodes.

A red background shows 2 men and 2 women's faces from the nose down, with the words SOLVE written in white

Solve is fast becoming a favorite murder mystery interactive podcast with road trippers. Each episode is a new real true life case for you to immerse yourself in and test your detective skills! Can you solve it? Great for a family road trip, so get your notebooks and pencils at the ready but passengers only please!

An orange square with 2 green eyes and the silhouette of a man and the words DEAD EYES in brown.

This podcast delves into the mystery that has haunted Connor Ratcliff for the past 21 years. After landing a small part in the 2001 HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, he was unceremoniously fired by Tom Hanks. The reason …he had “Dead Eyes”.

A red Square with the words STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW in black.

If you’re a fan of knowing random stuff, then you will love this podcast. Covering topics from Champagne to the El Nino phenomena, the host Josh and Chuck cover it all, with deep dives into the nitty gritty. Interesting, funny and informative.

A cream square with pink and green watercolours on top and the words Happy Place written in the shape of a circle in white.

Hosted by Ferne Cotton, Happy Place is a weekly podcast that covers subjects about life, mental health, love and everything in between. Ferne welcomes a new guest each week and they discuss what happiness means to them. The first season started back in 2018, so there is lots to catch up on.

Hosted by Guy Raz, aspiring entrepreneurs will find How I Built This an inspiring listen, with lots of in-depth discussions with founders and well known entrepreneurs. Life stories are shared in brief before guests delve into how they achieved success, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and lots of lessons learned!

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