Georgian Military Highway: Route, Highlights & Tips

Georgian Military Highway

One of the most iconic road trips in Georgia, this ancient passage to Russia from Tbilisi is a real adventure and the route north is both spectacular and challenging. Our Georgian Military highway travel guide includes an interactive map with route, highlights and tips to help you plan an amazing Georgia military highway road trip.

Mestia Georgia: Your Complete Travel Guide

Mestia Georgia

Nestled high in the remote Svaneti region, Mestia is something of a pilgrimage for adventure travelers, hikers and overlanders. Surrounded by the mighty Caucasus, with a micro-culture all its own, Mestia is a must-visit destination in Georgia. With details on getting there, ideas for things to do, recommended places to stay and eat, plus helpful Georgia travel tips, this is the only Mestia travel guide you need!

SIM Cards in Georgia: How to Buy + Best Deals

SIM cards in Georgia

Traveling to the country of Georgia? Wondering where and how to buy a local sim card for your trip to Georgia? We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to! In this guide to Georgian SIM cards, we’ll answer all your frequently asked questions, including how to save money when buying your SIM card, how to get the best signal and speed, how to get the best 4g, and how to keep your phone topped up for the whole of your stay.

Road Trip Georgia: 6 Amazing Routes

Georgia road trip

Georgia is undoubtedly one of the best road trip countries in Europe, with all four corners of this tiny nation offering diverse experiences, surrounded by the glorious backdrop of dramatic mountains, beautiful coasts and rolling steppe. We spent three months road tripping around Georgia in 2022, and in this Georgia country road trip guide we’ll share the best Georgia road trip ideas, with suggestions about what to see and do on the way, and travel tips to help you plan your perfect trip.

Driving in Georgia – Your Ultimate Guide

driving in Georgia

The landscapes of Georgia are made for driving, offering diverse road trip experiences surrounded by the glorious backdrops of mountains, coasts and rolling steppe. But driving in Georgia is not like driving back home, and at times being on the road in Georgia can be challenging. In this Georgia travel and driving guide we’ll share lots of practical driving tips and tricks, information about road conditions, and highlight what to expect when you’re behind the wheel so you can enjoy a safe and stress-free road trip in Georgia.

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